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Saturday, 16 November 2019

BEAUTY JUNKIE: Mud masks, or nah!?! ft. #MaharaaniVibes

Skincare has always been the utmost important thing included in my usual routine. Even though at times i barely get time to even wash my makeup off before going to bed [horrible trait, not recommended at all], I’ve now developed a habit of keeping my skin in check. From using skin oils, to fancy moisturizers, I’ve pretty much tried it all. But what I’ve never tried (until recently) are MUD MASKS! 

A couple of days back, I received a charcoal detoxifying Mud balm called YUGEN from MAHARAANI VIBES. The brand itself is a holistic skincare and lifestyle brand that celebrate self love, diversity, inclusion, and body neutrality [pretty on point brand description in my opinion, lol, WE WOKE IN 2019, OKAYYY!?!]

Now the YUGEN cleansing Mud Balm claims to be a nourishing mask for clear, smooth, healthy skin that is also great for sensitive and acne prone skin. Oh and it also helps reducing the dullness, leading to glowing skin. Whoosh that’s a mouth-full. Now since i wanted literally all of the things mentioned above, plus having combination skin with  dry patches, i tried yugen on myself! 

My verdict: Yugen have a slight fragrance that wasn’t as overpowering as i thought it would be. It actually smelt like i was at the shore of the red sea, smothering myself in the healing mud :p The consistency of the mud balm is pretty thick, so be sure to carefully scoop out the product without fallout (yugen comes with its own little cutsie scooper). After leaving it on for half an hour to give my skin a proper marination sessions, i wiped it off with a skin wipe, and washed my face and LITERALLY felt the difference instantly!! Not only was my skin all soft and supple, it visibly felt that all the dullness from the skin was lifted instantly. And I’m not just saying this because i was sent the product in PR, this is still a veryyyyy HONEST and unbiased review! 

From my own personal experience, charcoal based products definitely does wonders on my skin [including my daily OG mvp charcoal soap bar from conaturals], I’m superrr pumped for adding another charcoal goodness in my skincare regimen. 

I hope you all will find this review helpful incase y’all are looking for skincare products to tryy to save y’all’s skin from the crazy winter spell! 

Check out MAHARAANI VIBES here and do leave me a tweet/ instagram DM or comment at @Digitalzarda if the product works for you, as it did for me. 

Peace and love. 

Yours truly, 
Wurduh Jaffri

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

#CokeCoastalCleanup: Making #BeachesWithoutWaste a reality!!

So, something brilliant just happened recently that i feel the need to post a blog about. Coca-Cola Pakistan partnered with WWF Pakistan, Waste Busters and the National Volunteer Programme to conduct a beach cleanup activity at Seaview Beach on Saturday, September 15, 2018, to commemorate the international Coastal Cleanup Day where over 140 volunteers showed up to make a difference!

If you’ve been to SeaView at any point in your life, or any crowded beach for that matter, you must know how much TRASH is everywhere on the beach. Today, as a Pakistani, I’m so suuuper proud of everyone who was present at the coastal cleanup day and made clean beach A REALITY!!

#BeachesWithoutWaste isnot an unachievable task, but a very tough one to say the least. Beaches all around the world suffer from the waste attrocities by humans and directly affect the wildlife and the environment. At SeaView beach particularly, 535 KG of waste was collected within 5 hours!! That’s roughly the size of two fully grown grizzly bears 😖 THAT’S how much TRASH was accumulated at the beach front that is roughly over 300,000 square meters.
The cleanup took a LOT of effort by some very brilliant people ranging from males and females from university students to corporate executives and social activists and bloggers etc. Kudos to every single one of these people who took their time off from weekends to make our beaches bearable again.

The coolest thing about the beach cleanup was the fact that not only the trash was collected responsibly, the trash was also collected in seperate color coded bags for plastic waste, paper waste, and other waste to facilitate recycling as far as possible. Now if that isn’t amazing, idk what is :’)

Even though this is just the first step of creating a ripple of change, one can only hope that we as humans make better choices for not only us, but other beings and our future generations too. At every chance you get, do educate the people around you and practice the deed of keeping it clean and safe for the environment. And with that, this is me, signings off.

Digitally yours’
Wurduh Jaffri.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

mycart.pk: The Digital Hub for Smart Shoppers! #BeSmart

In the past few years, the Pakistani e-Commerce scene boomed with an incredibly fast pace. Even though there was a huge stigma aroung online shopping at first due to the fraudulent nature of some vendors, but because of the ease of the customers, the idea of shopping from home took off and there’s no looking back to the days when we used go out to shop. Since I loathe going to shopping malls and bazaars, Online shopping is definitely my safe haven. (Yeah i order stuff a LOT. Sue me.)

Recently a similar e-commerce marketplace came into being called mycart.pk, and it was definitely a GAME CHANGER. mycart.pk is an online grocery portal where more than 20k+ products are accessible for the customers, including groceries, snacks, household items, baby products, beauty and personal care item, gadgets, etc. 

I particularly LOVE the website because how easy it is to order anything at any time, even if its cooking ingredients that I can get through express delivery under 2 hours. I mean, HOW COOL IS THAT?? For someone who lives far away from a grocery store and have to wait almost a month for the ‘official grocery trip’, it kinda sucks in general. And so, for someone like me, mycart.pk is definitely a life saver indeed. Oh and did a mention You can order stuff over PKR 500 with free delivery?! Wowwzaaa!!!!

Fresh fruits and vegetables and even medicines are available at mycart.pk , giving the customers the ease of ordering all the essentials from their homes. Aaaaand the pricesssss. Damn. Let’s not forget the competitive market prices and good af discounts that mycart.pk is always giving it’s new customers. 

Do #checkout the website www.mycart.pk. #BeSmart and treat yourself with some bachat and discounts!! 

Digitally Stoked! 

Wurduh Jaffri.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

#SheMatters V-JUVE: The new household name for feminine health (PR Release)

3D lifestyle, Pakistan’s # 1 Medical Aesthetics brand launches a ground breaking non-surgical technology forvaginal rejuvenation to help women suffering from embarrassing symptoms caused by Urinary Tract Infections, Stress Incontinence & Laxity.

In a glamorous event on Saturday afternoon in the media hub of Pakistan, 3D lifestyle, the licensor of the original Non-Surgical 3D Lipo technology from the UK launched a diverse range of multi-platform technologies. 

With its new acclaimed success and recognition with its 5 months existence in Pakistan, 3D lifestyle is rapidly becoming a darling for those who have experienced its Non-Surgical treatments like 3D Cavitation and 3D Cryolipolysis for Fat-loss and its ever-so-popular 3D HIFU facelift which has raised the bar in the ever evolving anti-aging market.

Pakistan’s most famous Celebrities and top fashion and technology Bloggerswitnessed a live demo where a couple of randomly selected patients volunteeredfrom the audience underwent treatments for Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation.

3D lifestyle showcased a range of new technologies

3D lifestyle launched 3D-Trilogy ICE which is the latest and the most advanced laser hair removal technology todayIn a very saturated laser hair removal market, what makes 3D-Trilogy ICE unique is its gliding motion Hair removal (not a static application) ensuring safe, comfortable and effective hair removal on ALL skin types. With the “Power of 3” the 3D-Trilogy ICE sets a new benchmark in laser hair removal technology as it offers 3 wavelengths ALEXANDRITE 755nm, DIODE 808nm and YAG 1064nm3D-Trilogy ICEcombines the proven benefits of 3 wavelengths achieving maximum results on ALL skin types and Hair colours when compared to single wavelength alternatives available in the market.

The 2nd highlight of the night was the 3D-Nanosure technology which offers painless & seamless solution for the removal of stretch marks, pigments, scars and tattoos across full spectrum of ink colours. 3D-Nanosure is the gold standard in dual wavelength Q-switched Nd:YAG technology and by far the most effective technology in modern day skin resurfacing. Unwanted dark and multi-colour tattoos as well as birth marks, pigments and other skin rejuvenating procedures can be safely and effectively conducted using theadvanced 3D-Nanosure dual wavelength laser with Q-Switching application.

The Crown Jewel for the night was when Mr. Jawad Qureshi, Founder & CEO of 3D lifestyle, introduced the V-JUVE sending the crowd in a huge frenzyStudies indicate that now 1 in 3 women in Pakistan aged between 30 and 60 suffer from embarrassing symptoms caused by Urinary Tract Infections, Stress Incontinence & Vaginal Laxity and Dryness. 

Using the ‘Power of 3, V-JUVE offers a diverse range of treatments within the three main categories of fractional CO2 skin resurfacing, VRL and surgical CO2 applications to provide a clinical solution for various feminine concerns. The procedures are fast, painless, safe and highly effective. Life events such as childbirth, weight fluctuation and hormonal changes may overstretch and damage the vaginal tissue and the pelvic floor as well as alter mucosal tone of the vaginal wall. These changes can lead to urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, dryness and can cause recurring infections all of which have a potential effect on the quality of life and self-confidence of women as 3D lifestyle believes that SHE MATTERS!

3D V-JUVE is the ultimate three-dimensional solution providing a minimally invasive procedure. The 3D V-JUVE fractional CO2 laser delivers superficial energy into vaginal skin which creates tiny white ablated dots of damaged tissue on the mucosal lining inside the vaginal canal. The resulting heating response stimulates new collagen production improving the thickness of the vaginal lining. In addition to the vaginal tightening, fractional CO2 application can also be used for vulva rejuvenation and skin resurfacing.

Today’s woman is very conscious about her health and hygiene. 3D lifestyle stays committed in providing the cutting-edge technologies positioned around feminine health in Pakistan with its clients trusting the excellence in technologies provided by highly experienced and qualified Aesthetic Consultants who happen to be leading Plastic surgeons, Dermatologists and Cosmetologists globally.

The night ended with a key note address from Mr. Jawad Qureshi as he stated “I am here to assure our mothers and sisters that 3D lifestyle stays committed and delivers upon its promise for providing revolutionary technologies with unparalleled quality of patient care at all of our clinics nationwide. Today is a day not to be forgotten and with the launch of our 3 new devices, I can assure you of a life changing experience. With our 22 clinics and counting nationwide, I have a dream to offer quality health care in every district and city of Pakistan and I request our esteemed Doctors and other volunteers to join me in this cause and grandfather 3D lifestyle to be an exemplary company in Pakistan’s history.

See more in youtube: https://youtu.be/rceMbsknKkg

To learn more about 3D lifestyle and its very many treatment options, visit www.3dlifestyle.pk or to speak to a 3D lifestyle Aesthetic Consultant, call (021) 111 BEAUTY (232 889)

Sunday, 18 February 2018

#RepavarPakistan: Rosa Mosqueta #PureRosehipOil

A couple of days back, I started using Repavar Pakistan's Pure RoseHip Oil almost daily on my face, and the rest is history!

I received this 15ml Pure Rosehip Oil in PR mail, and it's safe to say it's one of the best
PR mails I've gotten in a long ass time.

RoseHip oil is extracted from the seeds of rosebushes and is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and hydrate dry itchy skin, all while reducing scars and fine lines, hence being an excellent anti-aging! (As proclaimed by my good friend, google)

I decided to put the bottle o'magic to the test by trying to use it on the daily, and honestly, best decision EVER!

The godly bottle itself is tiny, but holds 15ml of product, which can last upto a good  2-3 months and that too if you use on regular basis!

Honestly, I was super pumped to try it out and basically make my skin all flawless and baby smooth and acne free (im already pretty acne free though, pls say mashaAllah 😂), and after using it for about two weeks and massaging it into my face daily with an upward motion and treating all the troubled areas and dry patches on my face, i think its safe to say that my skin looks much more freshhhh, supple, and radiant (thankyouuu, natural glooow and sunlightttt) 😭♥️ Repavar Pakistan delivered what it said it would!

#RepavarPakistan is a premium skin care brand from Spain marketed under ICI’s HealthNWellness! .
Repavar is focused towards revitalizing and regenerating skin in a natural way, and hence all the products are oragno-centric and will definitely give you that skin lift with a natural fresh glow!
They also have a range to treat Atopic Dermatitis! Do check out their instagram @repavar.pakistan, twitter, facebook page, or their website www.healthnwellness.pk. for more info!

As for the Repavar Pakistan Pure Rosehip Oil, it is 110% DigitalZarda approved!
Even though it retails for PKR 4500 (around 44 USD$), And is a little pricey, one should know that premium skincare brands are WORTH spending your $$ for. In my opinion, one should NEVER compromise on skincare products and hence, the price is super justified. Also, since I'm all about that boujiee lifestyle, It's all good! 😍

I hope 2018 is the year of pulling our lives back together, getting everything we want, and having FLAWLESS skin! Amen!

Digitally Hopeful,

Wurduh Jaffri

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

60 Seconds International Film Festival 2018: #60SIFF #LetsFilm

The 60 Second International Film Festival is a youth focused platform that is encouraging aspiring film makers and artsy content enthusiasts from all over the world to create meaningful content revolving around different genres and categories, limiting to only a minute. Film making in general is not an easy task at hand and making a perfectly executed 60sec centric film that captures the whole idea of the film makers mind is a completely different level of difficult.

The 60SIFF’s first round was originally only limited to Pakistani content creators where a splendid number of 200 short films were submitted from all over the country with great enthusiasm. Even though it was a newly birthed project, 60SIFF managed to attract a genuinely impressive lot that delivered their art with meaningful narratives and backstories resonating with Pakistan’s rich fields of life and managing  to limit their creativity and craft to a mere 60seconds only!

After 60SIFF went global the following round, the management met around 400 new films submitted from over 40 countries globally, which was an accomplishment in itself for a Paksitani platform to begin with. After the international acclaim, a number of organizations from several countries franchised the 60SIFF screening event of the most brilliant chosen entries. 

This year too, there’s no stopping 60SIFF! 60SIFF set out a wide number of categories like art, music poetry, architecture folklore etc, in order to inspire film makers from all over the world to create their country centric films in a never seen before kind of insight. Even though 60seconds is not enough, but to deliver the message, a minute might be it. 

The extended deadline this year is 15 February 2018, and honestly, if you’re up for the challenge, I highly encourage you all to at-least try to send in your work. For more details, check out www.60SIFF.com and do read the rules for entering! Gear up, and #LetsFilm

Digitally enthused, 

Wurduh Jaffri.

Monday, 29 January 2018

#HakimSaeedAwards: Corporate rebranding at it’s best.

If you’re a 90’s baby, you might very well be aware of Hamdard Naunehal and #Hamdard in general! Since i grew up reading the naunehal, i was well aware of hamdard’s founder Hakim Saeed and his numerous contributions towards the healthcare and education sector of Pakistan. He encouraged the young leaders of the era to be involved in extra curriculars alongside of academics, which definitely helps in the long run.

After serving for more than 110 years, the brand Hamdard decided to undergo a complete corporate makeover and go through some massive changes in order to connect with the younger audience and the audience of this era. Most of the older brands like hamdard often go through these changes because the older the brand is, the perception of ‘ancient’ label at times affect the corporations.

As a part of the rebranding, A new logo, and several other new packaging of hamdard products was launched on an exclusive event at Mohatta palace on Tuesday, 23rd January 2018! The event was also organized to commemorate the achievements of the extraordinary pioneers of our generation and pay them a tribute for the excellent achievements and contributions to our society. and mark the beginning of a new era with some extraordinary people. The first ever #HakimSaeedAwards were hosted by Muzna Ibrahim and Talat Hussain and the night was absolutely stunning.


The entire night, legendary personalities were awarded, like Shaheed Aitzaz Hassan’s father recieved an award for his young champ for being the bravest person of Pakistan for saving his school from a suicide bomber. While lifetime achievement awards and social change maker and visionary awards were also rewarded to people like Late Mr Masood Ahmed Barkati, Sister Ruth Lewis, Dr adeeb Rizvi, etc.

To further win hearts of ours, Hamdard Pakistanput out Ishq Pakistan Qawwali and a new TVC celebrating the glorious era with the the legacy of hakim saeed.

Hamdard truly has spent more than a century to cater tou our health needs, and have always been there for us to make us feel home. I hope Hamdard continues to cater the next generation like it did with us and continue to be our #hamdard. ❤️ And with these hopes, this is me, signing out.

Digitally yours,
Wurduh Jaffri.